"You have to try something to Know if you like it..."
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"You have to try something to Know if you like it..."
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Jewellery Designer & Wax Carver

Tg-Jewellery, offers new and exciting jewellery design collections as well as one-off commissioned works and lost wax models, setting the pace of creative and technical innovation for a new century.

My vision is to create one-of-a-kind limited edition pieces that embody the beauty and finesse of traditional craftsmanship with modern and unconventional elements.


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tg_jewellery Ring for men's "3 linee" handmade from lost wax carving and casted in sterling silver 925. This ring is one off kind and you can find it @inspire_makers.
tg_jewellery Custom designed wedding band rings
tg_jewellery The sculpture unisex ring made from a block of lost wax and casted in sterling silver 925. The round agate cabochon has been cut especially for this designed.
tg_jewellery The pyramid ring is part of my “Abyss” Collection inspired by the great art work of H. R.Giger. Made from a block of wax tube and than casted in sterling silver 925 with round peridot cabochon.
tg_jewellery Ritorno indietro nel passato con la maglia marinara, pezzo unico. Le maglie sono state realizzate dalla cera persa e poi fuse in argento 925 e unite con maglie marinara in gomma nera.
tg_jewellery The wheel ring for lady in sterling silver 925, wide 10.20mm.
tg_jewellery Onyx and starfish necklace in sterling silver 925. This necklace is one-off
064 garnet ring pyramid
Inspired by the organic movement of the wood grain, this ring was made from wax and casted in sterling silver 925. It can be made also in gold or bronze. Size X
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